With all students now back to school for the next 2 months the focus is on keeping children and young adults safe from the coronavirus. Schools are known to be places where germs can spread easily between kids and wristbands for schools are a great way to easily identify groups and keep them separate from each other. A number of colleges and nurseries are currently using wristbands on a daily basis where they give children different colours to identify which group they are in. We have had many orders of plain wristbands for a number of local schools where the bands are applied to specific classes or year groups to keep children from mixing outside of the classroom setting.

Listed below are 2 examples of the most popular wristbands for schools. With our 24 hour express Tyvek wristband service customers can order and receive their wristbands the same day that they are ordered. Additionally we offer a service where customers can collect from our office or chose for a courier service. Customers looking for custom silicone wristbands need to plan in advance as they have a production time of 10-14 days. We do stock a limited number of plain plastic bands in up to 5 different colours such as red, green, yellow, white and black. Continue reading below about how wristbands for schools are being used and how they can be adapted to use in any workplace or business setting.

Silicone Wristbands for Schools

Reusable wristbands are the best option for schools as they can be used for weeks or even months. As the coronavirus situation appears to be with us for the long term, products such as silicone are the ideal solution. They can be worn and removed when required during the day and this enables children to wear the bands when required and remove them after a day at school. Silicone wristbands are made from recycled plastic and are available in any colour to match with your organisation. There are different sizes available depending on the age range of the children / adults who will be using them with the smallest size being 160mm and the largest size 202mm. For schools looking to add a logo or text we offer personalized wristbands in full colour print. This is very useful if trying to customize the band and add an important message such as a class name. Contact our sales team who will work on a visual proof for you to see exactly how the wristbands will look where changes can then be made before proceeding with an order. For a better idea of the 3 different types of finish for this product check out our silicone wristband page. Limited number of plain silicone bands are in stock and production time for custom printed bands is 10-14 days.

Tyvek Wristbands for Schools

Paper wristbands in Malta are the cheapest wristbands on the island and a great way to identify kids and adults in a range of settings including nurseries, schools and even building sites. The most important benefit of tyvek wristbands is that one size fits all – both adults and kids – and as such one order will work for all age ranges. We stock plain and printed tyvek bands in 14 of the most popular solid colours together with an additional 5 stripey colours. Paper wristbands cannot be removed once applied and they are also waterproof making them ideal for settings such as playgrounds. The potential drawback for using tyvek bands regularly is that they cannot be reused once they have been worn. The seal cannot be reapplied once it is broken and as such it is just a one time use product. Our production method allows us to print text and logos in full colour onto the wristband surface and customers can use our interactive designer to create their own unique design for their school or place of work. Both plain and printed wristbands are available the same day that they are ordered. Contact us today to see how tyvek wristbands can work for your organisation in Malta.

Wristbands in Malta

With the COVID wristband situation ever changing we suggest that parents and students check out the latest information and advice from the education website. With guidelines and restrictions changing on a regular basis it is clear that wristbands are an effective, easy and cheap way to easily separate groups of students. Social distancing seems to be one of the key ways to stop the spread of the virus and wristbands can help identify people and keep them from potentially infecting each other. Contact our sales team on 99990566 or email info@maltawristbands.com and we will be able to guide you through any questions you may have about wristbands or other products we supply including face masks in Malta and other PPE supplies.

Wristbands in Schools
Silicone Wristbands for schools in Malta – Either Plain or Printed