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Festival Wristbands – Custom Woven Wristbands

Get Fully Customized Festival Wristbands for long term use at your event

Fabric Festival Wristbands are the ideal product to be worn for multiple days or even weeks at a time. The product is exactly what comes to mind when thinking of iconic festival’s such as Glastonbury and Burning Man. Festival wristbands are strong and secure, comfortable to wear and are therefore perfect to use for multi day events. Whereas Tyvek wristbands can be worn for a maximum of 3 days, woven wristbands can easily be worn for up to one month. Infact many festival goers continue to wear the wristbands long after the event and everyone has at least one friend or colleague who wears their wristband as a badge of honor!

Festival wristbands are completely waterproof and cannot be removed once applied. With our three types of finishes available we can supply you with the ideal product for your festival experience. Woven fabric wristbands are the classic product in look and feel and are one of the most popular type on the market. Whether you are opting for silk screen, woven or sublimated wristbands, they can all be customized to include your logo / text.  We also provide two types of locking mechanisms which offer tamper proof solutions and additionally a removable solution depending on the intended use.

Fabric wristbands are a longer lasting and more secure option to Tyvek wristbands. If you are looking to organize a festival or multi day event, then these wristbands all the suggested product. With a minimum quantity of only 100 custom printed units even small-scale events can be catered for. Contact us via live chat or email us at with your artwork today. Our sales team will then work on a digital proof for your comments before moving ahead with production of your customized fabric wristbands. 

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