Cheap Plain Silicone Wristbands in Malta

At Malta Wristbands we supply plain silicone wristbands to customers at very short notice as we keep them in stock at our premises. A large number of colours are available as below – the most popular colours for all types of events. We pride ourselves on fast service and plain bands are no exception – they can be collected the same day they are ordered – or have next day delivery via courier. This product is perfect for any persons on a tight deadline and they cannot wait for the custom printed bands which take about 10-14 days. You can check our 5* Trustpilot score as reviewed by customers on our products and service. Order with confidence from Malta’s leading provider of identity solution products such as wristbands and lanyards.

Plain rubber wristbands are made by using a special mould which shapes the plastic into the correct shape to go around the wrist. Only the very best and highest quality Silicone material is used in the process. This ensures that the band is strong and flexible and durable in all conditions such as water and heat and sun. With years of experience we ensure that the colour consistency is the same throughout the whole surface of the band. In total we supply many different colour options but only the most popular 9 colours are in stock today. They are available with a minimum quantity order of 50units and the price starts from just 50c each. Larger orders for 200 units or more benefit from a discount when ordering through the website. Important to note that the below products are plain silicone wristbands ONLY. Should customers require customized silicone wristbands in Malta then they should navigate click here.

Our plain silicone bracelets are produced using top quality materials and manufactured to the very highest industry specifications. But we are still proud to offer the products as the cheapest wristbands in Malta. The final product is a bright and elegant, but highly durable Silicone wristband. The band is completely waterproof and can be removed and worn again whenever required. It makes it perfect for splitting people into groups or teams that can easily be identified. All silicone bands can be worn for months or even sometimes years if taken care of well. Customers should note that we stock adult size plain silicone bands and can supply childrends sizes too – but these would take about 10 days to be ready. We can also supply other colours apart from those below, but again a leadtime of about 10 days would be applicable. 

Order plain silicone bands in Malta using the below products to choose the colour/s that you require. Then select the amount of bands, noting that the minimum order is 50 units. The cart section will show an overview of the items that are being ready to purchase and customers can include a mixture of colours and quantities. For example our most popular colours are black and white – together with red, blue and green. For more information about both plain and printed rubber wristbands we recommend reading about silicone products in general on our dedicated page. For other enquiries reach out to our sales team either via live chat or else on email or via whatsapp on 99990566. We look forward to assisting you with your order for plain silicone wristbands in Malta. 

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