How much does it cost to make a Wristband?


At Malta Wristbands we offer a wide variety of top quality wristbands available to our customers. Many clients enquire about how much it costs to make a wristband – but before we can answer that question accurately it is better to first consider which type of band is suitable for your requirements. Once that is confirmed we can then move forward and see which product is the ideal type for any budget and move forward to making an order. Check the below table for a full price list of all types of wristbands in Malta. Additionally we have included a small summary of the key points of each type of wristband and a link where you can find more information on each product.

POtential customers often ask us how much does it cost to make a wristband? As price is often a major consideration for any purchases we strive to offer top quality products at the cheapest prices in Malta. We will never charge customers any setup fees on any type of wristband – either plain or printed. Collection from our offices is free of charge and all orders over €150 in value benefit from free shipping. See below a brief summary that outlines the benfits and key points of the four most popular types of wristbands. Together with the table at the bottom of the page this will help with customers with any queries.


Tyvek Wristbands

Both our Plain and Printed Tyvek Wristbands are the cheapest wristbands in Malta and are available the very same day that they are ordered. These paper wristbands can only be worn once are 100% waterproof and last up to 48 hours.  Tyvek bands are found at venues across the island and are commonly used to control access or separate groups. This product is a ne size fits all wristband and our prices start from just 5c a band for the plain variety.

Silicone Wristbands

We proudly offer both Plain and Printed Silicone wristbands in a variety of colours for those looking at raising awareness. These rubber wristbands are highly durable and can be worn for months. They are also removable which is great for deciding when and where to them. We supply charity wristbands in both children and adult size and can split orders into different colours at no extra cost. If you want to know how much does it cost to make a silicone bracelet – simply check the table below.

Fabric Wristbands

Our festival wristbands are a preimum product that are fully customizable to include logos or text in full colour. Fabric wristbands are very long lasting and can be worn for months or even longer. They are offered with two different closing options – one that is removable and one that is a lock. We are very proud to offer eco friendly wristbands that are made from recycled plastic or RPET wristbands. Woven wristbands and sublimated wristbands are the 2 types of finishes available and these are the types  that are very popular and commonly used at festivals.

Vinyl Wristbands

The last of our popular products are Vinyl wristbands, which are made of plastic and come in a number of differnt styles and shapes. We find that customers prefer the L shaped plastic wristband as this is the most cost effective. All types of vinyl bands can be supplied either plain or with print to include logo or text normally in one colour. This product is ideal for long term use and is most commonly found being used on guests at hotels or for events lasting weeks.

Wristband Special Offers

Check out our Facebook page for any special offers or coupon codes that we run regularly during the year. For any further information about wristbands please talk to us on live chat or email us at or call on 99990566. We run seasonal offers that include discounts on how much it costs to make wristbands for all types. Contact us today to see how wristbands can work for you and your organisation with the best prices and fastest service on the island.


100 €5.00 €10.00 €95.00 €115.00 €110.00
200 €10.00 €20.00 €150.00 €150.00 €160.00
300 €15.00 €30.00 €180.00 €180.00 €195.00
500 €25.00 €45.00 €2255.00 €225.00 €275.00
1000 €40.00 €80.00 €330.00 €320.00 €380.00
2000 €780.00 €140.00 €480.00 €460.00 €540.00
3000 €120.00 €210.00 €660.00 €600.00 €660.00
5000 €190.00 €275.00 €900.00 €850.00 €900.00
10000 €350.00 €450.00 €1,700.00 €1,500.00 €1,500.00


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