What is an RFID Wristband

RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) is a technology which can be programmed to store data that can be retrieved and edited using specialized scanners. The data is sent to a backend system via encoded radio signal and requires no physical contact. RFID Wristbands are wristbands which have an RFID chip which can have various uses. A scanned RFID wristband will return data in less than a millisecond making them ideal to process large crowds in an event or festival.

Festival Wristbands using RFID

Recently, more and more events have been implementing RFID Wristbands and finding new ways to benefit from the technology and improve the overall experience. Lightning fast scanning speeds will stream line entry into any festival while also logging useful data showing what time people were entering and which entrances they used. Similarly, the RFID chip can show who can enter restricted areas like VIP or Staff Only areas. The bands can also be used to eliminate cash purchases at the bar and increase revenue. Customers can top up their bands with cash before or during the festival and simply scan them to pay for their drink making the whole process significantly faster, increasing the number of sales. The wristband can also be paired with a mobile app to help people find their friends or receive notifications to avoid congested areas while at the festival.

On the backend side, RFID can help organisers improve service for current and future events. With all bar purchases being made with the wristband, a bar manager can see which bars are busier in real time and shuffle staff around as necessary. The data collected can also help to identify which areas or paths were overly congested and make changes for future events.

Benefits of RFID in Wristbands

Since the technology allows organisers to customize the data stored on the RFID Wristbands, the possibilities are endless! Customers can be asked to enter their name and ID numbers for increased security and to eliminate ticket touting. RFID tags cant be copied which also eliminates ticket fraud. One single RFID scanning point can process over 2500 entries per hour, reducing wait times to enter an event. The fast and easy scanning capability will also speed up bar sales.

RFID vs Barcode

Barcode wristbands; which can be printed on any of our customizable wristbands, need to be scanned to return data much like an RFID wristband. However as a technology, RFID has many benefits. RFID tags use radio waves to transmit data so they don’t need to be oriented in a particular direction and have a clear line of sight so scanning high numbers of RFID tags takes much less time. After being scanned and receiving data, RFID tags can be edited in real time which is why they’re ideal to be used as a cashless system. Barcode scanners can only read the data stored on that barcode. RFID tags are also more durable and safer since each one is unique and cant be copied or reproduced.

What else is RFID used for

There are a lot of other uses for RFID technology. In fact you might have used it without even knowing! Many hotels use RFID cards which guests can use to enter their rooms, use elevators or make dinner reservations among other things.

Here’s a list of some other common(and some uncommon) uses for RFID:

Vehicle tracking & tolling
• Cargo and supply chain logistics
• Healthcare
Cannabis Cultivation
• Inventory control & management
• Asset tracking and equipment tracking
• Access control in security situations
• Pet and livestock tracking
• Retail sales

Types of RFID Wristbands

RFID Wristbands are made by implanting an RFID tag into a specialized wristband. Since this is a fairly new product which is also VERY customisable, we’re not able to offer an outright price per unit. The price will depend on what type of RFID chip is required, what type of band its implanted in and the number of wristbands needed. We can offer Fabric, Silicone or Tyvek RFID Wristbands and delivery time is normally 2 weeks from order. Please contact our sales team on info@maltawristbands.com or by calling +356 99990566 for more details.

RFID Wristbands