Malta Wristbands is the leading supplier of identity solution products and one of the most popular products we supply are Motivational Wristbands. As we focus on the customer and their requirements it is something which has been requested by many people in the last few years. The idea of a Motivational Wristbands is something that a person can wear and when they look at the text it give them motivation throughout their day. They are ideal for groups of people who are working together or supporting each other in order to achieve a common goal. An example would be persons who are trying to lose weight or perhaps train for an upcoming marathon or race.

These Motivational Wristbands are especially popular for anyone looking to make a positive change in their lifestyle. The change does not need to be huge, but the wristband will give them moral support when they see it and help them to improve in the areas they are aiming for. There is no set design that fits the description of what should be included on the wristband but many times it can include inspirational quotes or motivating words that remind the wearer of their target. Often times religious groups or any people going through trauma wear motivational wristbands and it helps with the tough times or moments of crisis. For a broad overview of the different types of wristbands available and the best prices in Malta check out our pricing page here.

Below we highlight and review a number of motivational wristbands in Malta and the various materials that they can be made from. For more information or any queries please check out the individual product pages which includes prices, production time and minimum quantities. If you still have a query then reach out to one of our sales team either on 99990566 or else on and someone will get back to you.

Silicone Motivational Wristbands

The most common type of motivational wristband is the silicone wristband – sometimes known as charity wristbands or rubber wristbands. The item is made from rubber material and is perfect for long term use that can be worn for months or sometimes even years! Silicone bands are waterproof (and sweat proof!) and can be worn in the shower or whilst swimming. They are available in different sizes for adults, teenagers and children so be mindful when ordering the bands of the age group that should be targeted. All silicone wristbands are made from scratch in a specially created mould – meaning that any colours are available and it can be made to match an organisations colour scheme. This is ideal for groups who have other types of merchandise such as t-shirts and want the wristbands to match.

Silicone motivational wristbands can be fully customized to include print all across the surface of the wristband. We recommend a few simple words of text so that it stands out and does not need to be made smaller to fit a whole sentence on. Examples of quotes for motivational wristbands in Malta would be things such as ‘You can do it’ ‘Never say never’ or ‘Today is a gift’. The sky is the limit in regards to what can be included and our online silicone designer gives users a live preview of how the wristband will look when printed. This is very useful for when committees need to get together to make any decisions, they can all see how the finished product would look. For customized silicone bands the minimum order is 100 units and the design must be the same for all the bands. This makes it ideal for groups or sports teams or schools.

Fabric Wristbands for motivation

There are other types of material used in the making of motivational wristbands and the main 2 that would be associated with this product are either fabric or less commonly tyvek. Fabric wristbands are more popular as they can be worn for months and are a premium product. They are the type that are commonly found at music festivals and feel like an item of clothing to touch. Tyvek wristbands can only be worn for up to 48 hours so unless it is a short term event then this is not ideal for motivation over a period of time. In our eyes the more suited of the 2 other materials is motivational fabric wristbands in Malta.

This item has 2 types of closing mechanisms and it depends on how the product will be used. If it is intended to be given out to people who can wear the item and then remove it when required then a bead is perfect. It means that band can be slid off and then put back on – for example if the person has a formal event and does not want to wear it. Alternatively fabric bands come with a barrel lock which means that the item cannot be removed once worn. If the bands are being used to manage entry to an event or gain access to a certain venue then this is the best lock to use. Our online designer tool allows users to add motivational quotes and text and get a live preview on screen with our customized fabric wristbands designer.

Best Motivational Wristbands

Some people ask us, Which is the best type of motivational wristband in Malta? The answer does depend on how you expect the product will be used and what type of group or school you are part of. But in most cases the answer is that silicone wristbands make the best type of motivation wristbands. It is worn by many athletes who use their fame to support good causes or their own type of motivation. The most famous of these examples is where Lance Armstrong used silicone bands to create awareness for his chosen cause and they were very popular for many years. Custom printed athlete wristbands are a product that a person wishes to associate themselves with and show their message to the world. These can be worn by footballers, cyclists, tennis players and any others that are likely to get a lot of press. Click here to start designing your customized wristband to include text and any icons that reflect your organisation. The first step is to choose the colour of the wristband you want, before adding the quotes and moving them around the wristband surface until you are happy with the final design. Motivational wristbands in Malta take about 10 days for production from confirmation of the order. If you require weight loss wristbands or sports wristbands with a motivational quote on for your club or group then we can supply this. Get in touch with us today and start designing your customized wristbands today with the best prices and fast delivery.

How to order motivation wristbands

We offer a wide variety of both plain and printed wristbands that are available in a variety of colours. Silicone wristbands are available in adult, teenager and children size. Contact us to confirm the size you require to ensure they fit the people who should be wearing them. We do not offer small orders for individual motivational wristbands – as the minimum quantity is 100 units due to setup costs and mould fees. Registered charities are able to benefit from a 10% discount by speaking to our customer sales team. See how over 200 customers have rated us with a 5* service via our Trustpilot score. We hope that this blog post was helpful in addressing some frequently asked questions about motivational wristbands and look forward to assisting you with your order.

Motivational Wristbands