Since the governments announcement on 1st May that masks in Malta – facemasks would be required by persons visiting a shop or using public transport there has been a huge rush for the products. There had already been signs of a shortage of personal protective equipment and this coupled with sky rocketing prices had led to some N95 masks being sold at €7 at certain establishments. Other businesses had little or no stock on hand to meet the rush of orders accompanied by the new guidance on masks. It was clear that there was a gap in the market in terms of an online marketplace where persons could order facemasks in Malta online and either collect them or have them delivered. Our procurement team reached out to the network of suppliers we have in place and set off to acquire top quality products which would then be available in stock.

Fast forward 10 days and our online store – aptly named is up and running and stocked with a number of PPE items including the very popular disposable masks, sometimes known as surgical masks. These are manufactured to be worn once and provide limited protection against droplets in the air, rather it ensures that if the wearer sneezes or coughs that his or her droplets do not spread into the surrounding areas. Whilst the government had to step in to cap prices of this product at 95c – we have been able to price the product at 75c for purchases of 100 units or more. We also stock the N95 respirator which is medically certified to protect against 95% of airborne particles and offers a great level of protection due to the tight seal around the nose and mouth. This product, which can be used up to 5 times, is selling for just €3 for bulk orders, a huge saving when looking at other sellers in the market. Other masks in Malta – facemasks that have become very popular are the reusable cloth masks which can be washed and used multiple times. Our plain black cloth facemasks are ideal for those who are required to work or go into public spaces often and want a product that can be uses regularly and not disposed of.

Specifically aimed at the retail sector, our face shields in Malta have become a revelation and are surely the most popular product that we offer. Also known as a visor, the sheet of plastic covers the whole face of the wearer and is ideal for those who are required to wear a mask for a long duration of time. As the plastic sheet is see through, it makes communication much easier than if you are wearing a mask and this is a key selling point for shops and other establishments that interact with customers. Masks make it impossible to see facial expressions and sometimes also make speaking to each other difficult. The face shield allows normal communication and even the all important smile at a shop. From an economic point the visors are incredibly well priced and can be washed and reused unlimited times. While the government price cap for face shields in Malta has been sent at €5, our cheap visors in Malta can be purchased for €3.50 when ordering in bulk.

As the COVID restrictions in place will gradually be lifted by the government, we suggest everyone continues to abide by the instructions to keep a distance from one another and also wash your hands regularly. Many companies around the island are using tyvek wristbands as a way to indicate that staff members have been temperature checked and are safe to be in the workplace. Different coloured bands are used for different days of the week and this method allows employers to check the health of their staff on a daily basis. With prices from as little as 4c a band it is a very small price to pay to ensure that there is no outbreak of the virus in your workplace or business. To see how wristbands can work for your organisation contact our sales team on 99990566 or For all types of masks in Malta – facemasks, face shields, reusable cloth masks then we encourage you to visit where you will be able to order your required products.

Face shields have become very popular with shops and customers in the retail sector