Plain Wristbands

Plain Tyvek

Benefits of Plain WristbandsTo ensure our clients get wristbands as fast as possible we stock over 1 million wristbands at any given time.

Plain Silicone

At Malta Wristbands we supply plain silicone wristbands to customers at very short notice.

Printed Wristbands

Printed Tyvek

With years of experience serving clients in various entertainment industries.

Printed Fabric

Customized Fabric Wristbands are a long lasting solution suitable for a variety of occasions and venues.

Printed Silicone

Customized Silicone Wristbands are a very popular product for organisations and charities.

Printed Vinyl

Customized Vinyl Wristbands are a very popular product for long term use as the item can be worn for weeks or even months.