Get Plain Wristbands in Malta from the leading supplier of identity solution products on the island. We have been operating for over 10 years and are proud to off best prices and fast delivery on all types of plain wristbands. Our products are used by businesses and venues to control entrance or identify guests on a daily basis. The most popular – and also the cheapest – type of wristband available are the tyvek wristbands – which can also be called paper bands. There are also other types such as silicone wristbands – which are made from plastic and sometimes known as charity wristbands. And we also supply vinyl wristbands – which are a long term use and premium product that can be worn for weeks or even months.

All 3 of these types of Plain Wristbands in Malta are in stock and available to be purchased either via our website or through email / phone. We offer a courier service which normally delivers any items in 1-2 days from when the order is placed. Collection from our offices are also available, which are located in St Pauls Bay. Below find a brief summary of each of the products and a link to more information on the relevant product page. If you have any questions about plain wristbands you can speak to us via live chat, email us on or give us a call or whats app on message on 99990566.

Get the cheapest Plain Wristbands in Malta that can be collected the same day they are ordered with a wide range of colours available. Plain bands are a cheap way to manage groups of people or children and easily identifying or separating them. As an example the plain wristbands are commonly used by tour guides or schools – and each group is given a different colour band.

Of course we also offer customized wristbands in each of the types mentioned below. If you prefer to add personalized print to the wristbands we also offer this product via the website. Customers are able to create a unique design using our website designer which shows a live preview on screen. Simply add text, logos and icons to the surface of the wristband and move them into position until the design is ready. For more information and a guide on how to create personalized wristbands check out this page.

How much are Plain Wristbands in Malta?

Both plain and printed Tyvek wristbands are the most popular product on the market due to their very cheap price and relative durability. The product can be found at nightclubs, beach lidos, schools, hotels and many more. Once the wristband is worn it cannot be removed or transferred and this feature makes them ideal to control entrance at venues. The likelihood is that almost everyone has worn the item recently, be it at a concert, or conference, or any ticketed event.

The strong paper/plastic mixture is available in a wide variety of colours as per the image below – with the most popular colours being the bright/neon colours and the stripey versions which are very unique. Plain Wristbands in Malta can be worn by both adults and children as the material just tightens as required around the wrist of the wearer. The reason why tyvek bands are so popular is the price – which makes them cheap wristbands in Malta. Plain bands start at 5c per band and larger orders over 1,000 units offer a discounted price of 4c per band.  Click here to order plain tyvek wristbands in Malta with the best prices and fast delivery.

Plain Wristbands in Malta

How big are childrens wristbands?

Silicone wristbands are a strong and durable product that can be worn for months at a time or even sometimes for years. They are the common plastic material that has become synonymous with charities and fund raising events or campaigns. The product was really shown to the public in a mass way by Lance Armstrong and his Livestrong foundation – the yellow wristbands were very popular a few years ago. Now many customers order either plain or printed silicone bands for their organisation as a way to gain exposure or spread a particular message. Plain charity wristbands are available in a number of sizes for adults and children so please check what size is required before ordering. Adult sizes are normally 202mm in diameter, teenagers are 180mm in diameter and childrens sizes are either 170mm or 160mm depending on the age.

Silicone Plain Wristbands in Malta can be removed by the wearer and then worn again at a later stage. This allows for people to display the wristband when it is appropriate and then remove it when not. The plastic material lasts many months and makes the product ideal for long term use measured in months. We have a large number of adult Silicone Plain Wristbands in stock and these are available with same day collection or next day delivery. Colours available include red, yellow, white, black, blue and green. If you require other colours we can supply these too, but would take approximately one week. Similarly childrens silicone wristbands can be supplied on request, but there would be a leadtime of about 7-10 days. Speak to our sales team today about Plain Wristbands in Malta and let us know the size, colour and quantity required. Prices start from just 50c per unit with discounts available for larger bulk orders.

Plain Wristbands in Malta

What size are plain wristbands?

Vinyl wristbands are a premium product and seen as a more superior version of the tyvek material. They are mostly worn for long term events that last a number of days. While tyvek bands are fine to wear for 24-48 hours, the vinyl bands can be worn for weeks or even months. They are made from flexible plastic and have a button fastening system that means they cannot be removed once they are worn. Both tyvek and vinyl wristbands are normally 250mm in length and this allows for plenty of space to include customized print if required. The product can be worn by both adults and children as the lock adjusts to the size of the wearers wrist. Do not tighten the product too much as you will need to cut it off as it cannot be adjusted.

The most common vinyl band is known as the L shaped vinyl wristband – and these are the type that are commonly found at hotels for long stay guests. Alternatively they can be found at events where tyvek is either not durable enough or where vinyl is seen as a more suitable superior product. We supply a number of Vinyl Plain Wristbands in Malta and the colours include red, green, yellow, white, black and blue. To order plain vinyl wristbands contact our sales team either via email on or else give us a call on 99990566. Just let us know the colours and quantity you require and we will reply to confirm the items are in stock for collection or delivery. Prices for plain L shaped vinyl bands start from 50c each with discounts for orders over 500 units. This product can also be customized to include print – click here for more information.

Plain Wristbands in Malta

We look forward to assisting you with your orders for Plain Wristbands in Malta – whichever of the various products fits your requirements. We hold most items in stock and those in stock are available for collection or next day delivery via couriers. Items not in stock normally have a lead time of about 7 days. Let us know how wristbands can help your organisation today with either plain or printed wristbands. We also supply plain and printed lanyards – of which plain colours are available in stock.

Whether you require Plain Wristbands in Malta or customized wristbands we are confident we can exceed your expectations in terms of service and produce. Order with confidence and see what 200 customers have said as they review us as 5* score on Trustpilot. Our customer support team are on hand to assist with your order which we look forward to receiving in the near future.