As we enter the final few days of April, our team has been working from home for almost 6 weeks. We have now managed to come up with a formula that works and ensures we all stay productive during this period away from the office. A morning meeting check in to discuss progress and plan the days tasks, followed up by an afternoon check in and troubleshooting session. Technology being what it is we are able to use all types of tools to keep in communication such as Skype, Zoom, Whats App and even the old fashioned email. Our designers are keeping busy by working on new product styles that will be ready to release in the coming months and our sales team are working behind the scenes on new eco friendly wristbands. Check out more information on these environmentally friendly wristbands coming to the market soon. The focus on green wristbands has become a key request from many clients and we will look to double down on this area in the near future.

The kind folks at have supplied us with some healthy snacks which have been distributed to the team to keep energy levels up. As we plan for Summer 2020 we are keeping in contact with regular customers about new products and how soon we will be able to start production when the restrictions are eased. With the total number of COVID19 cases very encouraging in the last week or so we hope to get back to some form of normality in the near future. While it is expected that tourist numbers will be very low we predict that many local businesses will focus on the local market and the demand for plain and printed wristbands will remain high. Malta will be well positioned to restart tourism operations as soon as the health department gives the go ahead and with a focused and dedicated team behind us, we fully expect to bounce back soon!

RPET Wristbands
RPET Wristbands which we are developing with our suppliers to bring to the market