Recycled Wristbands in Malta

The jump in awareness campaigns for global warming has been noticeable in 2020 as more and more people come to recognise the harm that we are inflicting on the planet that we live on. Our destructive behaviours need to change and adapt to be more sustainable and we feel as a company that we too must also play our part in this. Our team are constantly working on development of new products and after many months of testing and tweaking we are happy to announce that we now supply a product that certainly fits the eco friendly profile. Many customers have been asking us for alternative products to use at venues and events that can be considered ‘green’. Organisers are hearing the ever growing voice of the general public to reduce the carbon footprint of their events and now we have a solution for them by offering Recycled Wristbands in Malta to control entrance and access points.

Recycling Plastic into Wristbands

Plastic is one of the most heavily used items across the globe and it means that there is plenty of it to be collected and then recycled to be put to a different use. This is the process that we undertake with our our fabric festival wristbands that are now ready to order for events in Malta and Gozo. after months of testing are now available to order. At this time the product is not manufactured in Malta due to the extremely high start up costs involved. There is a difference between recycled material and bio degradable wristbands and the product on offer is not bio degradable or compostable. The manufacturing process brings together large amounts of rPET (or recycled Polyethylene terephthalate) to form the base material. This is the first step and makes it much more environmentally friendly than standard wristbands which are made from scratch. Recycled fabric wristbands are ideal for long term use as they can be worn for weeks or months at a time. They are also fully waterproof and are therefore ideal for conditions such as water parks or hotels – or of course music festivals!

Sublimated Eco Friendly Wristbands

Eco friendly wristbands for events are great for organisers looking to have a product that is comfortable for customers to wear and also highly durable to not wear down. They are much stronger and longer lasting than tyvek wristbands which are suitable for only 1-2 days use. Eco friendly fabric wristbands are popping up across Europe at places that are trying to reduce their use of plastic with an alternative solution. Single use plastic are undoubtedly the cheapest option when looking at wristbands for crowd control but we have received many requests for a product that has less of an impact on the environment. Sublimated wristbands are manufactured in huge quantities by mixing tiny recycled plastic particles together to produce the wristband material. By re-using various plastic items that would otherwise have ended up in water systems or being burnt we are making inroads into offering greener products. The wristband is then dyed with the relevant colours to produce the final product as per the customers design to include any text and or logos. We are able to print recycled wristbands in Malta in full colour and with designs including different effects and detail. This product is also ideal for both adults and children as the lock will adjust depending on the size of the wearer automatically.

Custom Recycled Wristbands

Recyclable event wristbands in Malta have a production time of about 10-14 days from confirmation of artwork so organisers are advised to plan ahead if they are interested in the product. We can supply the recycled wristbands in any colour requested by a client together with edge to edge printing on the full area of the wristband. Our standard fabric wristband size is 15mm in width – which is adequate for most orders that have simple logos or text. For those looking to include multiple pieces of information then sometimes we suggest increasing the width to 20mm and 25mm to make sure that the band is not cluttered. The dye sublimated printing technique offers fine print and sharp results that make the wristband stand out when worn. Our design team will work on a digital proof for you and make any suggestions in terms of optimising the design when necessary. Clients are able to produce their own print file in any format such as PDF PNG JPG and the dimensions are 350mm wide * 15mm high. A note to keep the important items of the design in the central 150mm as that is the area visible when the band is worn. With man local businesses looking to show customers that they are taking their environmental responsibilities seriously we expect to see these custom recycled plastic wristbands grow in popularity.

Bamboo Fabric Wristbands

Eco friendly rPET Wristbands have 2 main types of locks; ones that can be removed and then reapplied and ones that are non removable once they put on. Of course depending on how the wristbands are to be used will determine which type of lock makes most sense. In most instances customers are using the bands to control access or entrance to certain areas and they are therefore looking for a lock that means the band cannot be removed or transferred. For this situation we supply plastic barrel locks and also metal and aluminium locks which all have ‘teeth’ and mean the band cannot be loosened. All of the prices on the website for sustainable wristbands include the standard plastic barrel lock because it is the cheapest and most effective lock on the market. Additionally we offer bamboo locks as per the photo below which are a great way to completely eliminate any plastic in the order. The bamboo locks do mean an increase in price but at the moment the product is not mass produced. Development on new products continues and we are working on bamboo wristbands – which as the name suggests is a product where the whole wristband material is made from bamboo. Bamboo fabric wristbands are available on a bespoke basis and customers are encouraged to contact us for a specific quote. What’s more we also supply eco friendly fabric wristbands that contain RFID chips. Whilst the technology for this type of product exists there are additional costs such as scanners which would need to be implemented at the venue or event to read the chips.

Order sustainable wristbands

There is plenty more info on our eco friendly wristbands across all wristband products even including recycled lanyards in Malta made from sublimated material. Our sales team are ready to assist you with any enquiries about recyclable event wristbands or indeed any product that you may require. We hope that in the coming months the prices of the eco friendly products will reduce and become comparable with other fabric wristbands such as woven bands. Our team can be contacted either by email on or else by calling on 99990566 and they will be happy to assist. We only have one planet so let us all do our bit to help look after it for future generations who will thank us in the long run!