How can we keep staff and customers safe while returning to work? After several weeks of being shuttered, businesses across Malta and Gozo are slowly re-opening their doors to Customers. With the coronavirus largely contained within Malta, the local authorities have given the green light to non-essential establishments to re-open provided certain precautions are taken. Business owners have an obligation to both their workforce and customers to ensure that venues have been disinfected to minimize any chance of infection being spread. Additionally many venues are opting to use both wristbands and Face Masks in Malta to protect both staff and customers.

Some outlets are testing the temperature of visitors to ensure they are showing no signs of fever. This is particularly important in places where visitors spend prolonged periods of time such as restaurants, etc. Many venues are seeing the ease and benefits of Wristbands to identify visitors who have successfully been checked for body temperature to ensure they pose no threat to others.

In addition to Customers or visitors to the premises, it is important that staff themselves are checked regularly to ensure that colleagues are not in any danger of transmitting the virus between themselves. Once again, a simple daily check and application of a Wristband will give confirmation that an employee has been checked and is in good health to be working. A Covid outbreak in any office or commercial outlet would result in all staff being quarantined for 14 days. This would likely lead to the closure of the office or outlet for at least 2 weeks.

Many beach clubs and lidos in Malta are using custom printed Wristbands on their guests to ensure that only those individuals who have been tested and paid the necessary entrance fee are granted access to the venue. The use of Wristbands is also allowing management to easily monitor and control the number of attendees in the venue at any one time. Some lidos are even attaching Wristbands to sunbeds and umbrellas which have been disinfected and are ready for their next use or occupant. This allows the venues to maximise the limited area and equipment they can use at the moment.

Construction workers are another group who are having their temperature tested daily before being allowed into the building site to work. A wristband is applied to show that a particular member of staff has passed the test and is able to work. Plain Tyvek Wristbands start at just 3c each and are printed same day in Malta. No doubt they are far cheaper than facing an outbreak of illness which holds up construction work for several weeks. These measures should be used in addition to all the basic measures such as regular washing of hands and social distancing where possible.

Other measures such as offering hand sanitizer throughout your outlet could also encourage more customers to visit and feeling safer while doing so. Customers should be encouraged to give each other plenty of space, particularly close to the cashier area where bottlenecks can occur. Wristbands and Face Masks in Malta can work together to offer a great way to control entrance to venues and as such we have teamed up with to offer a variety of PPE products which could allow your business or outlet to re-open in line with the new regulations. While public health remains the top priority, many people are eager to return to the workplace as soon as possible under the right circumstances.

Face shields and Visors are in stock and can be collected or delivered same day in Malta. Many staff in retail outlets prefer this type of product to a regular face mask which makes it difficult to communicate with colleagues and customers alike. The visors are also more comfortable for wearing over a longer duration particularly with hotter weather expected in the weeks and months ahead.

For those needing face masks we are offering N95 respirators which are high quality products used by medical professionals. The N95 mask prevents 95% of air particles from being inhaled by the individual wearing the mask which is an excellent level of protection against the coronavirus. Disposable masks are also offered for those who need a temporary solution and do not plan on wearing the mask for lengthy periods.

A new Ear guard/protector is now available for those who were feeling discomfort when wearing masks for a prolonged period. This product attaches itself to both ends of the mask instead of being looped around the ears. This ensures a tight fit for the mask and also no pressure being applied to the ears of the wearer which was causing irritation for some wearers. Ear guards start at just €1 each which is a very small price to pay for wearing a mask comfortably for a full day or shift at work.

No matter what you require for your business, both MaltaWristbands and PPEmalta are here to help you acquire the necessary products to re-open your business safely when you are ready to do so. The two pronged approach of using both Wristbands and Face Masks in Malta is proving to be a beneficial way to keep both indoor and outdoor venues safe and adhering to the government guidelines.

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