Here at Malta Wristbands we have been supplying our customers with all types of face masks to protect them from the coronavirus as per government guidelines. An item that has been requested a lot by customers looking for a product that is comfortable to wear and can be reused are Washable Masks in Malta. As the recent spike in cases has shown, it is imperative that everyone wears a mask to protect themselves and also any persons around them when social distancing is not possible. We have been supplying individual customers and also businesses with both face shields and also face masks at extremely competitive prices and items in stock. Below see a quick summary of the current products we offer including the very popular reusable masks in Malta which have been a best seller in the month of August!

Washable masks in Malta
As the name suggests, these types of masks can be washed and reused multiple times, making them very economic. Made out of 3 ply cotton material these black masks are ideal for adults and children above the age of 10. These items are in stock and priced at €3 each. We do not offer printed masks and the only colour available is black. The reusable masks can be worn multiple times and covers the nose and mouth of the wearer. Delivery available at the price of €5.90 each or collection from St Pauls Bay free of charge.

Face shields in Malta
One of our most popular products for use in retail and entertainment sectors is a face visor which allows for easy communication and is comfortable to be worn for a long duration of time. Our Full face shields come with added foam at the area of the forehead for extra comfort and also an elastic headband which means it can be worn by both adults and kids. The clear plastic material allows the wearer to breath easily and also talk with any customers or colleagues. Face shields are the best product for long term and the price starts from €4.00 each.

Disposable masks in Malta
The cheapest face masks in Malta are the disposable type which are sometimes known as surgical masks. They should only be worn once and offer protection for the wearer and those around them. Disposable masks are supplied in boxes of 50 units and we have plenty in stock to supply large bulk orders. We also offer individually wrapped disposable masks on request which can then be sold or used. One time use masks start at the price of €0.90c each with bulk discounts available on orders over 250 units. Delivery and collection available for this item.

N95 respirators in Malta
These types of face masks offer the best protection against any airbone particles and protects against 95% of potential harmful droplets – hence its name. N95 masks in Malta form a very tight seal around the nose and mouth of the wearer and they can also be reused up to 5 times – but cannot be washed. They are normally worn by individuals at high risk such as those with pre-existing health conditions or those working in hospital. N95 respirators are supplied in packets of 5 units and prices start at €5 each with delivery available.

Customers have also been using both plain and printed wristbands to control entrance to venues and easily keep groups of people separated. Our plain wristbands start from just 5c a band and we stock over 15 different colours – ideal for use at venues with high levels of customers or staff such as hotels or beach lidos. Speak to us today about how wristbands can work to help contain the spread of any coronavirus cases in Malta.

Washable Masks in Malta