Malta Wristbands has been the leading supplier of all types of Custom Bracelets on the island for 10 years and specialises in top quality products. We have a large catalogue of different products available to order directly from the website. Please find a quick summary of the most popular types of personalized bracelets that are available to order. We offer both plain and custom printed wristbands that can include logos and text in full colour. Due to setup fees and mould charges some of the products have minimum orders that start at either 50 or 100 units. All of our products are available in a wide variety of colours colours and can be made to fit both adult and children’s wristbands depending on the required size. Check below the three most popular custom made bracelets and how to make them with the best prices in Malta.

Custom Bracelets – Tyvek

A product that can be found all across Malta and Gozo at various venues and events are tyvek wristbands. These are sometimes called paper wristbands and are the cheapest wristband in Malta. This product is completely waterproof and can be worn by both adults and children with the self adhesive closure. Paper bracelets area ideal for short term use and can be worn up to 2 days before they start to degrade. We supply tyvek bracelets in 19 different colours and offer them plain or with custom print. The product is most commonly found at nightclubs or at beach lidos where they are used to control entry and distinguish groups. Tyvek prices start at 4c per bracelet for printed and even cheaper for plain. A same day collection service for those needing 24 hour wristbands is available on all orders with next day delivery available via courier. To navigate to our online interactive designer click and designing your custom tyvek bracelets with the best prices.

Custom Bracelets – Silicone

A very specific but yet popular product for the local market are engraved bracelets, which are used commonly at fundraising events or by charities. They are sometimes referred to as silicone wristbands and are made out of plastic and formed using a specialised mould. Customers can choose their message which can then be printed, engraved or debossed onto the surface of the band. Silicone bands are available in an array of colours and the print can include text and logos. Plastic bracelets are available in adult teenager and even children sizes. We can guide you on the size depending on the age of those who will be wearing the bracelets. Prices for this product start from 15c per bracelet. UV ink can be added at a small charge for a great effect loved by teenagers and kids. Production time for charity bracelets is approximately 10 to 14 days and more information and prices can be found by clicking the above link.

Custom Bracelets – Fabric

The third most popular product available to all customers in Malta are customized fabric wristbands. This product is the most long lasting type of wristbands and can be worn for many months, and sometimes even years! These fabric bracelets are also known as festival wristbands these products are commonly used at long term events such as music festivals or those lasting more than 2 days. Fabric bands are fully customizable and can include text and logos in full colour. For those looking for a detailed design including gradients or logos the optimum material to use is sublimated. Festival wristbands are ideal for promoters and organisers looking to minimise their impact on the environment. We now proudly offer eco friendly recycled wristbands – made from recycled plastic. Custom printed fabric bracelets start from 11c per band and can be supplied with both non removable locks or removable beads. To order fabric wristbands click here for full information and pricelist.

How to make wristbands in Malta

Malta Wristbands is the leading supplier of identity solution products such as custom printed wristbands and even lanyards for businesses and conferences. Contact us today for custom bracelets or custom wristbands for the best prices in Malta and great customer service. Check out our 5* trustpilot review from happy customers giving feedback about the product and service. For visual purposes we have included photos of the 3 products mentioned above. If you require any further information about wristbands or any products that we offer then please contact us on 99990566 or drop us an email on To order personalized bracelets for you or your organisation contact us today!

Custom Bracelets
From left to right; Fabric wristbands, Silicone bracelets, printed lanyards, Tyvek paper bands