As the tourism sector is struggling and many people worried about the effects of no tourists this summer season the question is what can we do to reduce COVID-19 transmission in Malta. The government in accordance with WHO advice hopes that by adopting face shields in public places together with the existing measures transmission rates will fall. Why a face shield? There are many advantages to wearing a face shield one being the fact that they are very durable, made mainly from plastic. Whilst mask prevents the wearer from touching the nose or mouth, full face shields prevent you from touching your whole face which is also very important. Cheap Visors and Faceshields in Malta are very light and comfortable to wear and usage continues to grow in Malta as employers recognise the versatility and added protection this product provides. The face shield should fit snuggly and securely so the user can adjust it to their face and forget it! By choosing this face shield you will benefit from greater protection and peace of mind.

PPE Malta – Buy cheap facemasks in Malta

With almost two weeks having passed since the government announced new measures in the ongoing battle to contain the coronavirus in Malta, many people have been struggling to purchase the necessary masks and personal protective equipment. Our new website – – set out to make things much easier for the general public to be able to purchase facemasks and cheap visors and faceshields in Malta without having to wait in physical queues. If we are to pull together as a nation and bring the virus figures down to zero we must all play our part and wear masks when out in public, together with social distancing measures and washing our hands thoroughly.

We have been overwhelmed by the response to the launching of the site and undoubtedly the most popular item so far has been the face shield. Whilst the government announced a price cap on the product set at €5, we are selling the cheapest face shields in Malta priced at just €4 per unit. There are no minimum quantities for those who require only 1 or 2 masks and we offer bulk discounts for orders of 50 units or more where the price is reduced further. The simple question is, why pay more for a product than you have to? Just order a visor from our sister website today and collect it the very same day as we have the product in stock and available for purchase!

5 reasons why faceshields are the best PPE product

  1. Quite simply they make sense economically. For €4 customers can purchase a product that can be reused a number of times if cleaned and does not need to be disposed of after being worn once or twice.
  2. For comfort (and to save those sore ears!) face shields are ideal as they are attached by a headband that goes around the head of the wearer. It means that cheap visors and faceshields in Malta can be worn for hours without any pain.
  3. You can breath, talk normally, smile and even just generally show your facial expressions when wearing a shield. This is an ideal plus point for anyone working in the retail sector or who faces customers regularly.
  4. A visor protects the whole face area – from forehead right down to the chin. Whilst other PPE items like masks cover just the nose and mouth, face shields protect more of your face from any potential airborne particles.
  5. Faceshields can be worn with other masks at the same time for even more protection for those in high risk environments. Wear an N95 mask or disposable mask to cover your nose and mouth and then add the shield too!
  6. Bonus reason! A face shield is very comfortable when wearing spectacles or even sunglasses which is of great importance for anyone such as delivery drivers or in front of a screen for long hours.

Cheap Visors and Faceshields in Malta

Be sure to read our latest blog post specifically dedicated to face shields in Malta written by our friends over at PPE Malta. They cover a variety of issues including why the product is the best selling item on the local market. For venues and businesses preparing to open their workplace in the near future contact us for information on how various companies are already using wristbands on a daily basis to check their staff. By using plain wristbands employers are temperature checking staff members on a daily basis and giving them a wristband to show that they have been checked and are not at risk. This is a simple but very effective way to ensure that there are no outbreaks at your company. And with prices starting from as little as 4c per band for 1,000 plain wristbands it is surely a small price to pay to keep employees safe as they return to work. For those who want to add their company logo or text then we can get custom printed wristbands produced the very same day they are ordered. With our collection and delivery options available on all orders we can work with you to meet your deadlines.

We will be back with more news in terms of wristbands and PPE products in the near future. In the meantime keep safe and please do look after one another.