Plain Wristbands

At Malta Wristbands we hold a number of Plain Wristbands in stock at any time so that we can supply customers on a tight deadline who require any of our products. We always strongly suggest it is advisable to create a custom design for any private or tickets events at venues so that only verified guests can enter. All of our products are fully customizable and can include text and logos in full colour. With our express service customers can expect to receive their printed tyvek wristbands within 24 hours of ordering. Custom Printed Fabric, Silicone or Vinyl orders normally take approximately 10-14 days from confirmation of order.

For those who intend to use the plain wristbands simply to separate groups of people or identify guests then the most popular product is Tyvek wristbands. We also supply plain silicone wristbands and vinyl wristbands and more details on all 3 types are included below in this brief summary. Contact us today for any requirements you have and we will do our very best to supply any items. We are ready to assist with any wristband orders that you may have and offer the best prices on wristbands in Malta.

Plain Tyvek Wristbands

These are the paper style of bands that cannot be removed once they are applied and can be worn for up to 48 hours. They are 100% waterproof and tamperproof making them ideal for entry management. Our plain tyvek wristbands are available in 15 solid colours, together with 5 stripey variations as per the images below. Plain paper wristbands can be worn by both adults and children as they are a one sized fits all products. All colours are in stock and available for purchase immediately. Tyvek bands are the most popular product for our customers due to their flexibility and that they can be written on with a permanent marker to include any type of information. Prices start at just 5c per band and the minimum order is 50 units making them very cost effective. Bulk discounts are available for orders over 1,000 units.

Plain Silicone Wristbands

We also hold a number of Plain Silicone Wristbands in stock with a variety of colours to suit any event or occasion. This product is sometimes referred to as Charity Wristbands because they are commonly used for fund raising activities. The plain bands we hold in stock are adult / teenager sized and are not suitable for children. However we can order children’s bands with a lead time of approximately 10-14 days. Silicone bands can be removed and are extremely long lasting. We have all of the popular colours such as green, red, yellow, white, black, orange and blue available for purchase. Prices start at 40c per band and the minimum order is 50 units.

Plain Vinyl Wristbands

The final type of band that we hold in stock for immediate collection are Plain Vinyl Wristbands. These bands are made from plastic and are very durable, meaning they can be worn for weeks or even months. They are commonly found at hotels where long duration guests where them. Most hotels choose to customise the wristbands with their logo or text to ensure that only guests can use the facilities. However plain plastic bands can be used at events or venues that are looking for a more robust solution. Prices start at 40c per band and the minimum order is 50 units.

Wristbands with delivery

All of our wristbands are available on a same day basis from our offices in St Pauls Bay. You can find us on google maps here and the opening hours are 8am-6pm for weekdays. We also offer a courier delivery service at the price of €4.50 which is normally delivered within 24 hours of placing an order. Our sales team will be happy to assist with any queries you have on both plain or printed wristbands. Simply use the live chat feature below, email us on or call 99990566. Checkout our 5* score on Trustpilot to see verified reviews from customers about our products and service.

Plain Wristbands
Plain Tyvek Wristbands – All of our Tyvek colours available